I’ve been honoured to work with some amazing women and I am deeply grateful for their willingness to share their Personal Coaching experiences. Scroll below and see what some of my previous clients had to say.

''I approached Leanne for coaching sessions, as I wanted to work on some specific areas I found myself at a standstill on. From the initial approach, Leanne was very helpful - she sent through some brilliant material that got me to think about my mindset before our session had even begun, which was very thought provoking. What I loved throughout the experience is how we worked together to achieve my end goal; it was never a case of Leanne telling me what I need to do, but the way she questioned me throughout the session made me think about my problems from a different point of view – meaning I could see a way for these to be tackled. Leanne’s energy, positivity and willingness to want you to do better absolutely shines through – I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who has any kind of area they want to work on to be more successful.''


Leanne has really helped me move through a number of goals concerning my personal life, health, career and personal development. Leanne has made me feel really comfortable and safe in every session where I can really open up to her about some difficult topics. Leanne really helped me to understand how my motivation aligns with my values which is why sometimes I have needed to review what I’m aiming for in order to get results. I have always felt at ease with Leanne, she listens to me but also challenges me when I need it. The coaching sessions with Leanne have really made a difference to my development and I feel I have accomplished so much since working with her. I really value the time spent with Leanne. 

Many thanks for all your help Leanne!


I started working with Leanne at a time in my life where I was going through a big period of change and I felt massively at a crossroads and generally quite lost. Leanne is an incredible coach who really helped me gain clarity and challenge myself during this time.
Sessions with Leanne were the perfect balance of challenge for my needs, Leanne knew exactly when to push me and when to hold back and give me thinking time to make sure I set the pace of sessions and got the most out of the experience.
I am really grateful to have found Leanne and had the opportunity to experience her coaching approach, I have achieved so much more with her by my side than I ever could have done working alone. Thank you so much Leanne, looking forward to working together again in the future!


As soon as I met Leanne I felt at ease, she portrays a sense of professionalism and I knew I was in good hands.

Leanne gave me a safe space to work my own thoughts out and look at my belief system which was really useful as I was able to recognise what beliefs were holding me back and what beliefs were serving me.

Throughout our sessions Leanne has shown me warmth and understanding and given me the space that I needed to look at what direction my life has been taking and what I would like my life to look like according to my own values. I really felt that I was being listened to.

Leanne has enabled me to focus and find my own strengths and my passion for life again. I feel that I have gained more clarity and also empowerment to achieve my goals. I now feel confident in myself and my own abilities to tackle whatever comes my way.

Thank you Leanne for enabling me to press my reset button! You are so positive and inspiring and this has definitely rubbed off on me.


Whilst initially unsure about investing both my time and money in a life coach ...... Did I really need one? Couldn’t I sort myself out? Working with Leanne was the best thing I could have done. The information and tasks given before our first session ensuring that we got off to a great start by making me think about what I really wanted to get out of our coaching time together. Throughout our sessions Leanne was easy to talk to, supportive, yet challenging, as she encouraged me to see beyond my self doubts and the limitations I was putting on myself. She has supported me to become the best version of myself, ready to face whatever comes next with positivity, greater self belief and an understanding of what I need to be successful based upon my values and needs. So much so, I am now looking forwards to starting a new job full of confidence and passion as I believe I will succeed