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This is for the woman who has spent her whole life putting everyone else first and herself last.



I’m Leanne, I’m a coach for women and I support women like you to go from feeling unfulfilled to being unstoppable so they can live the life they really want to be living.

I know how it feels to be right there where you are now.

You know you can’t carry on consistently coming last because it’s making you feel unhappy, stuck and resentful.

You want to do something about it but you just don’t know where to start. 

This is what I’ve realised:

Nobody is going to make you do it. Nobody is is going to come along and make you start prioritising yourself, make you start to follow your dreams, to apply for that job, to start that business, to book that dream trip or whatever it is YOU can’t stop thinking about. It’s on you.

But you don’t have to do it alone. I’ve got you. I’m here to help you as your coach and biggest supporter.

I have helped myself turn my life around and I’ve gone on to help lots of other women turn theirs around too. Now I’m here to help you with yours.

Leanne x