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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on the call?


It's a very relaxed conversation to find out where you are right now, where you want to get to, and what's stopping you getting there.

After that, if I feel like I can help you, I will walk you through what that looks like and we can discuss options about joining one of my career acceleration programmes.


If not, there will be no hard feelings - my programmes aren’t for everyone. It’s important you take the right next step for you.


To be absolutely clear, this is not a free  coaching call.


How long does the call take.


The call takes between 30-45 mins. This allows enough time for me to fully understand your situation so I know if I can help you, and for you to get everything you need to make an informed decision about us working together.


Why do we need to have a call first?


Working together requires an investment not just financially, but of your time and energy. It has to be right for you.


And I don’t work with everyone. I’m here for the women who are ready to take action and go all in, it’s important that we’re aligned. I’m here for the transformational results, you need to be too.


Do I have to sign up on the call?


Not at all. I do offer a reduced rate for those clients that sign up within 72 hours, but there's no pressure from my side. 


Most people I speak to end up working with me but they waste weeks, sometimes months making their mind up, which only delays their progress. This incentive is there to help you get moving faster so you get to where you want to be sooner! 


That said, I appreciate people need to take time to make decisions, hence the incentive being applicable for 72 hours.

My Clients Say

"Leanne was instrumental in me landing my dream job! I was so nervous about the interview and reached out for specific competency-based interview help. I felt completely overwhelmed trying to prepare for it. I’d been self employed for 12 years and felt like I had no “proper job” experience. And with 2 small children I was suffering from mum-brain and didn’t feel at all professional!

But in just 3 sessions (with amazing support in between) she helped me find plenty of suitable examples from my career and coached me on how to draw from them to answer any questions I might be asked. She was so patient with me, had a knack for checking in with me at just the right moment when my motivation was flagging, and SO positive - she never let me say a negative word about myself and would send me lovely encouraging messages, it was like having my own personal cheerleader and really helped my mindset.

Thanks to Leanne I went into the interview feeling calm and confident (a miracle in itself, I normally go to pieces in interviews!) - and the feedback I got was that my interview was “perfect”! It still feels like a dream, and I literally couldn’t have done it without Leanne."


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