You First Coaching

It’s time to put You First...


No woman should live a life that is anything other than amazing!

  • Are you a woman who works so hard every day meeting everyone else’s needs that you don’t have any time or energy left for the things that matter to you?​

  • Has this left you frustrated, resentful and feeling disempowered?

  • Deep down do you know that you are meant for more?

  • My personal coaching can help you step off the hamster wheel and finally put yourself first and do what matters to you.

  • If you don't take action you risk continuing to live your life on autopilot doing everything for everyone and nothing for you. 

  • If you don't take action you risk staying stuck and feeling unfulfilled. 

  • With my support you will realise what you are capable of, go after what you want and become unstoppable when it comes to getting it.

My Personal Coaching supports women to:

Stop making do

Start making themselves a priority

Live the life they really want to be living

Women who work with You First Coaching

The women I work with have lots of different goals that they want to achieve personally and professionally but they all have one thing in common- they feel unfulfilled and want to be unstoppable.

I only work with women who…

Are ready to take control

Accept responsibility for their own happiness and are prepared to do what it takes to create the life they desire.

Are willing to take action

Unlock their potential and realise what’s possible for them.

Are ready to put themselves first

Understand that they deserve to be a priority in their own lives.

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About Me

Hello! I'm Leanne, the founder of You First Coaching, and I'm on a mission to empower women to realise the impact that they can have in their world, and the wider world, when they decide to make themselves a priority.

As a passionate Personal Coach, empowering people to achieve their goals to find happiness and fulfilment in their lives is the most rewarding thing in mine. 

After 20 years of successfully navigating the corporate world, yet still feeling unfulfilled, I realised that it was supporting people with their personal development and helping them to be the best version of themselves that I was born to do. I had to follow my calling and decided to take action and create a life that gave me the happiness and fulfilment that I was missing. 

If, like me, you know you were made for more, deserve more and are ready to take action, click the link below and book a complimentary enquiry call. Let’s build your plan and put it into action...

Unstoppable You Framework

No woman should live a life that’s anything other than amazing. I will help you go from feeling unfulfilled to being unstoppable so you can create the amazing life you really want to be living

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