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When was the last time you put yourself first?


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Hi I'm Leanne
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No woman should live a life that is anything other than amazing!

If you’re anything like the other women I work with then you are feeling:

On your way to burnout. In a constant blur of busyness but none of the things you’re doing are for you.

Everyone in your life seems to want something from you and it’s exhausting.


Although your life looks good ‘on paper’, you can’t helping wanting more and thinking is this it?.

You’re scared to speak up, you feel like you’re letting everyone down.​


You’ve forgotten who you are and what you love. You used to be so ambitious and clear on what made you, you.

When did you become so disconnected?​

Lost and

You know you have got HUGE potential.


The fear of failure and the pursuit for perfection is keeping you stuck and stagnant. 

Meant for

I support high achieving but unfulfilled women

You can experience unstoppable success on your own terms without sacrificing yourself in the process. I would love to help you to:

Step off the
hamster wheel

Take back control of your life and stop living on autopilot.

Be honest
with yourself

Courageously admit what you REALLY want and not feel guilty about it.

who the hell you are

Reclaim the parts of you that got lost along the way and confidently take up the space you deserve.

Create unshakeable self-belief

You HAVE got what it takes. It's time to get out of your own way and not be held back by fear.

But with my support you can choose to go after what you want.

And become unstoppable when it comes to getting it

If you don't take action, you risk staying stuck 
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About Me


I'm Leanne, the founder of You First Coaching, and I'm on a mission to build a worldwide workforce of women that are achieving unstoppable success and satisfaction without having to sacrifice themselves in the process.


As a passionate Self-development Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Motivational Speaker, empowering amazing women to achieve their goals and find happiness and fulfilment in their lives is the most rewarding thing in mine. 


After 20 years of successfully navigating the corporate world, yet still feeling unfulfilled

myself, I realised that it was supporting people with their Self-development that I was born to do. 


I decided to follow my calling, leave my comfort zone, take action and create a life that gave me the happiness and fulfilment that I was missing and You First Coaching was born! 


I’m now extremely proud and grateful to be able to help other women to change their life too.