Leanne's Story - from Unfulfilled to Unstoppable!

I would love to share my story with you, I’m guessing that a lot of it is the same as yours

A few years ago my life was completely different to how it is now. I felt very unhappy and stuck. People pleasing, a lack of boundaries, living my life on autopilot and being completely out of alignment was the norm for me.

I was a successful woman in a position of authority but I felt powerless. I was deeply unfulfilled but I was far too afraid to admit it.


This was me crying in the toilets at work, again!


I barely recognise the face staring back at me. I definitely don’t remember taking the photo or even why I did. What I do remember, is how desperately unhappy I secretly was. Feeling as I did when I took this photo was not a one off occurrence, in fact I would regularly be in tears. I was stressed, anxious and tired. So tired. Tired from not taking care of myself properly but also tired from not doing enough of what sparked a light in me.

It took for me to almost reach breaking point to speak up about how I was feeling. Well-meaning friends and family set about telling me to be grateful for what I had and reminding me how lucky I was to have a good job, nice house etc. That just made me feel worse. Others suggested therapy or counselling but I didn’t want to look back, I wanted to move forward. Unfortunately that type of help was not readily available, until I stumbled across coaching.

Coaching was exactly what I needed. It supported me to reprogram my entire mindset, figure out exactly where I wanted to be in life and to create a plan that got me there. It enabled me to feel truly heard and supported. It allowed me to put myself first for the first time in a long time.

I couldn’t be further away from the woman in that photo...

  • I now choose to be a priority in my own life instead of always coming last.

  • I have a strong mindset and belief system that sets me up for success.

  • I have let go of the quest for perfectionism and the self doubt.

  • I have  learnt to make friends with myself and be my biggest supporter.

  • I have built my own business doing a job that I am deeply passionate about and that is aligned to my core values.

  • I wake up every single day excited, happy and fulfilled because I know I am where I am meant to be.

The reason I founded You First Coaching was because when I finally figured out that change was possible and that this forward facing support existed (and worked!), I wanted other women to experience the transformational effects of coaching that I have experienced. 


I know that so many women work tirelessly meeting everyone else’s needs that they don’t make time for themselves and what matters to them. This then results in frustration, resentment and feeling completely disempowered. 

If you are reading this and thinking it sounds like you, there are somethings I want you to know:

  • It’s ok for you to put yourself first

  • You don’t have to settle or make do

  • You are capable of achieving anything that you are prepared to work for

  • Happiness is available and you wholeheartedly deserve it.

Everything you need is within you but sometimes you need a little help finding it, and that’s where I come in…


Experienced and Qualified

Personal Performance Coach for women 

10 Years Senior Leadership Experience helping people at all levels maximise their performance.

Fully Qualified with internationally recognised and International Coaching Federation accredited Personal Performance Diploma by The Coaching Academy.

Fully Certified Wellbeing Coach by The Coaching Academy.

Experienced Crisis Volunteer with the Charity Shout.

Personal Development Expert and Mindset Mentor with extensive library of resources and support tools.

However, my ability to support you runs much deeper than my formal qualifications and the experience I have had supporting others. I believe that it is my own experience with transformation that truly enables me support you with yours.

No woman should live a life that’s anything other than amazing.

I’ll help you go from feeling unfulfilled to being unstoppable- so you can create the the amazing life you really want. 

We’ll achieve this with powerful coaching tools and techniques that I wish someone had shared with me before I totally turned my life around.

Thank you reading about my journey. I would love to be a part of yours.

Ready to start? 


My Core Values

Who I Am

1. Passion.png


My passion for my work underpins everything I do and is the fuel that drives me forwards. Passion is contagious and my drive and commitment to you will energise, engage and inspire change in your world too.