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Power Up FAQs

What is a Power Up session? 

These are solution focussed, immersive 60 minute 1:1 bespoke Coaching sessions focused on a specific goal/topic/ issue.

Who are Power Up sessions for? 

Power Up sessions are for women who wish to tackle a specific goal or problem and need help to get unstuck and moving forwards faster and by creating with a strategy that works for them without the need for ongoing support after the initial 7 day period.

How do Power Up sessions differ from the other coaching packages you have available ? 

Typically coaching is concerned with working on your mindset, developing new behaviours, reframing beliefs and building new habits and so requires a number of sessions and ongoing support over a period of time A Power Up session is one-off, solution focused session at your  time of need, to find optimal ways to move forwards or solve a specific challenge and equip you with a plan you can run with on your own.

What issues are suitable for Power Up sessions ? 

Some topics that work well for Power Up sessions include:

  • Confidence and comfort zones

Is your lack of confidence keeping you in a situation that makes you feel unhappy and unfulfilled?

Whether you’re feeling stuck personally or professionally, 60 mins of focussed support will help you to get out of your comfort zone and taking the action needed to build lasting inner confidence and create a life and/or career that truly lights you up.


  • Boundaries and People pleasing 


What price are you paying by always saying yes to others and no to yourself?


Regardless of if you struggle with lack of boundaries at work, at home or both, 60 minutes of focussed support will help you to understand how to create, communicate and honour those important boundaries with yourself and others and devise a plan to get you living life on your terms.


  • Making yourself a priority


Is consistently coming last leaving you feeling exhausted, lost and invisible in your own life?


Whatever the reason is that you’re taking a back seat in your own life, 60 minutes of focussed support will help you to stop settling for less than you deserve or are capable of, start making yourself a priority and live the life that you really want to be living.

What preparation do I need to do prior to a Power Up session?

Answer the questions asked when making the booking as thoroughly as possible and read through your welcome pack to ensure you get the most out of your session and we hit the ground running.


Coach For Women

I'm Leanne, a coach for women and I help women to go from feeling unfulfilled to being unstoppable through the power of coaching, and I can help you to achieve that too.

Power Up only £42!

This bespoke session will bring you clarity and direction and get you moving further, faster.

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