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12 Week Powerful Career Confidence Group Programme

A powerful blend of both group and 1:1 coaching, mentoring and training, to support you to build your career confidence with a small group of amazing, likeminded ladies.


12 Week Powerful Career Confidence Group Programme.

A powerful blend of group and 1:1 coaching, mentoring and training, to build your career confidence with a small group of amazing, likeminded ladies.

Bold is suitable for women at all stages of their career who are looking to...

  • Build the confidence to go for a new role, instead of talking themselves out of opportunities and feeling stuck.


  • Show up with more confidence and authority in their existing role, instead of staying quiet and hiding parts of themselves and holding back how they really feel.

Would you like to...

  • Feel confident in your abilities?

  • Belief in, and back yourself more?

  • Build  boundaries and stop people pleasing?

  • Make decisions independently and stop second guessing yourself?

  • Have less negative mind chatter and fewer imposter thought?

  • Start speaking up and become a more confident communicator?

  • Get out of your own way and stop fear hold you back from getting what you want?

Then Bold is what you have been looking for!



Bold was a great introduction to group coaching and confidence building. I found Leanne to be a warm, energetic and empathetic coach who made all the participants feel heard and supported. She was the best cheerleader! She guided me through the program step-by-step, the videos were easy to follow and pre-session workbook with simple journal prompts helped me identify where I needed to make changes and gave me simple strategies to practice. She checked in and kept me accountable so I could make progress. The simple shifts in my perspective and new habits I developed as a result of this program made a real, positive difference in my life. I started the program while on a career break, and 12 weeks later, I finished it with two successful interviews under my belt and feeling confident about returning to my career! I can’t thank you enough Leanne and I would highly recommend the Bold program!


This has been a life-changing experience for me. Having previously and successfully carried out 1:1 work with Leanne, I was keen to continue working with her along with fellow women who wanted to increase their career confidence and this was the perfect way to do it.

I'm now significantly more confident and capable of understanding my self-worth.

Leanne is an outstanding coach. She has helped me build lifelong valuable knowledge and helped me put it towards practical experience within my workplace and personal life .Thank you again to Leanne and all my fellow Bold members - your successes have become my successes and vice-versa!


Leanne made the group comfortable right from day 1 and gave attention to each individual throughout the course of 12 weeks, the distance didn't make any difference but she kept connected the entire time and was prompt with her replies and an active listener. The fact that I was the only person from a different ethnicity didn't matter at all as everyone in the group was very understanding and gave me the space to be myself. It was such an empowering group of women to lift each other's spirit without any judgements. I loved the whole structure of the course being evenly spread out, her promptness, punctuality, amazing memory with each one's needs in mind, the topics dealt were so relevant for me personally which helped with self realisation and the supporting strategies were highly regarded.

I made beautiful friendships with a few people in the course and looking forward to keeping the connection going. I'm ecstatic being a member of Bold. 

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