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Confidence is an inside job, it starts with you first...

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Meet Leanne
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All women deserve unstoppable success and satisfaction in their life and career, without having to sacrifice themselves in the process. 

That includes you!


Wait, that’s not happening right now?

Then you need to keep reading!


I’m Leanne and I help women who feel UNFULFILLED to discover how to become UNSTOPPABLE🚀


And it all starts with the decision to finally put you first.


Let me guess, you’re here because …

You're sick of:
  • Watching everyone else bag the promotion/ pay rise/ secondment (insert life-changing exciting opportunity of choice here), whilst you miss out AGAIN. There’re only so many times you can say ‘congratulations’ through gritted teeth...

  • Suffocating inside your soul-destroying comfort zone because you’re paralyzed by perfectionism and petrified of taking a risk and failing (oh the shame!)

  • Being unhappy and unfulfilled in your life or career but still settling and making do (cue excuse about not having time etc. because it’s easier than admitting to yourself the real reason that you’re still here).

  • That horrible sinking feeling, knowing that if something doesn’t change, you’re going to look back with a bucket load of regret that you didn’t ‘go for it’.

Instead, imagine...
  • Taking back control and making assured decisions about YOUR life- hello most confident version of you!

  • Being excited about your future and the opportunities that you’re creating for yourself (imagine wanting to get out of bed and get stuck into your day? I know, crazy right?!)

  • Believing in yourself and your abilities and building the lasting inner self-confidence to boldly go after your goal and achieve it! 

  • Feeling like you are where you are meant to be and enjoying the success and satisfaction you deserve and have worked for.

I can help!

I’m Leanne, a leading international Career Confidence Coach for women.


I do the work I do because I am sick of seeing amazing, capable and talented women not meeting their full career potential due to a lack of confidence.


Women like you!


So I created my business to support women at all stages of their career from entry level through to C-Suite, to finally take the aligned action needed to help them to feel happier, more confident and more fulfilled at work and stop looking for confidence in all the wrong places!

If you don't take action, or if you keep talking the wrong action, you risk staying stuck but with my support you can choose to go after what you want.

Outcomes you can expect from us working together:

Whatever you’re looking to achieve professionally, I can help you to boldly step forwards and confidently create the life and career you deserve.

SHOW UP (in your existing role as the best version of you)

✔️ Be your authentic self - instead of hiding parts of yourself or holding back how you really are/feel

✔️ Communicate in all settings and all levels- instead of being held back by fear of judgement.

✔️ Make decisions independently-instead of second guessing yourself and having to check with others.


MOVE UP (and progress to the next level in your career)

✔️ Take on extra responsibilities outside of the remit of your role- instead of sticking with what's within your comfort zone because you’re scared of failing.

✔️ Change jobs, go for promotions, secondments, and other projects- instead of sitting back and watching your colleagues get the opportunities.

✔️ Sell yourself and your abilities- instead of playing down your achievements and not accepting praise when it comes.


CHANGE UP (and make that career transition you dream of)

✔️ Connect deeply with your career vision and identify key priorities- instead of having a million ideas whirling around your head not knowing where to start.

✔️ Map out a structured step-by-step plan and take the aligned action needed to move forwards-instead of feeling confused and overwhelmed.

✔️ Finally face those fears of failure, rejection and judgement that are keeping you stuck-instead of talking yourself off out of your dreams and telling yourself you 'can't.

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About Me


I'm Leanne, the founder of You First Coaching, and I'm on a mission to build a worldwide workforce of women that are achieving unstoppable success and satisfaction without having to sacrifice themselves in the process.


As a passionate Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Speaker, empowering amazing women to achieve their career goals and find happiness and fulfilment in their lives is the most rewarding thing in mine. 


After 20 years of successfully navigating the corporate world, yet still feeling unfulfilled

myself, I realised that it was supporting people with their Self-development that I was born to do. 


I decided to follow my calling, leave my comfort zone, take action and create a life that gave me the happiness and fulfilment that I was missing and You First Coaching was born! 


I’m now extremely proud and grateful to be able to help other women to make the changes

they need to make in order to feel happy in their life and career too.

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