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6-Month Transformational Career Confidence Building Programme.

A transformative and empowering professional development experience combining coaching, mentoring, and training to support you to confidently create the career you’re capable of and deserve.

It’s time to stop getting overlooked in your career and start getting noticed. It’s time to build the confidence to become UNSTOPPABLE!

UNSTOPPABLE  6 - Month Transformational Career Confidence Building Programme.

On the outside things might look great, but inside it’s a whole different story...


Whether it's that recurring inner voice in your head whispering that you're not "enough" for that coveted role and casting doubt on your ability to bag that promotion or you’re already in the role of your dreams, but imposter thoughts and low confidence are stopping you showing up as the brilliant leader you know deep down that you can be.


Either way, something needs to change, you can’t go on like this if you want to be a successful leader.


If you're nodding your head right now, then know this: the missing link in your journey to your next level of success is your confidence.


Transform that self-doubt into self-confidence and you will be UNSTOPPABLE.

Enough with playing small and getting overlooked. It's time to show up, make your presence known, and earn the career recognition and progress you truly deserve.

UNSTOPPABLE is for you if you’re sick of:

  • Watching everyone else score that promotion, get a pay rise, or land an exciting opportunity, while you find yourself missing out AGAIN. There are only so many times you can congratulate others through gritted teeth...

  • Putting on a mask to appear more confident to your team. You genuinely want to FEEL more confident, but you're clueless about how to make it happen. Everything you try seems to backfire, making things worse!

  • Dreading and/or avoiding certain elements s of your role, such as challenging conversations, setting boundaries, active participation in meetings, and delivering presentations. However, admitting these struggles is out of the question because, at your level, you're expected to handle it all effortlessly.

  • Not receiving the recognition you've earned because downplaying achievements and brushing off praise feels safer than the scary prospect of self-promotion. After all, you don't want to risk being perceived as aggressive.

Instead, imagine…


  • Taking back control of your career and going after what you deserve so YOU’RE the one bagging the promotions, pay rises and exciting opportunities, while others congratulate you!

  • Feeling completely liberated because you’re self-assured enough to show up as your brilliant self, thanks to that real and lasting inner confidence you’ve built up.

  • Actually, being excited about work, feeling prepared for any challenges/situations you might face and embracing all tasks with enthusiasm and eagerness.

  • Finally getting the acknowledgement you deserve because you’ve realised self-promotion isn’t a dirty word and have learnt how to share your accomplishments and promote yourself in a way that doesn’t feel awkward, arrogant, or aggressive.


Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?


This is all possible for you when you decide to be UNSTOPPABLE!


This is a life-changing investment that will support you to ditch those deep-rooted feelings of not being good enough and build the lasting authentic inner confidence and self-belief to create the career you’re capable of and deserve.


6-Month Transformational Career Confidence Building Programme.


Using my proven UNSTOPPABLE Framework, we’ll partner together to:

  1. BUILD Most women look for confidence in all the wrong places, this tends to erode their confidence even further. Together, we’re going to get clear on what confidence means to you and what outcome it will help you achieve. We'll create your personalised strategy with the exact steps for you to take to build up that confidence, dial down that self-doubt and achieve your goal.

  2. COMMUNICATE You’re not making the impact you're capable of professionally and that needs to change if you want to progress. I'm going to help you to develop your way of communicating in all settings and at all levels that feels comfortable and authentic and allows you to start showing up and speaking up with authority.

  3. PROMOTE I get it, self-promotion feels uncomfortable and awkward, but shrugging off praise, downplaying your abilities and staying small means you're getting overlooked, and you want to get noticed! So, our final step is to support you to actively share accomplishments, acknowledge praise and promote yourself positively so you stand out-without the ick!

​By the end of our 6 months together, you will have transformed your self-doubt into self-confidence and be accelerating your career progress.

Your career confidence building strategy will be unique to you, here’s some ideas of what you might want to work through:


  • Cultivating more self-confidence

  • Boosting your self-belief

  • Mastering your mindset

  • Resetting your habits

  • Managing imposter thoughts

  • Quietening your inner critic

  • Pushing past perfectionism

  • Facing your fears

  • Building better boundaries

  • Preventing people pleasing

  • Improving your communication skills

  • Becoming more resilient

You were not put on this earth to be a watered-down version of yourself!


It’s time to get rid of that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when you think about Monday mornings, and start creating the career you really want, the career you are capable of- the career you deserve!


I know investmenting in yourself can feel hard to do, but staying stuck in a situation that you’re unhappy with ultimately feels much harder.


You are here now, reading this because you’re unhappy. Don’t still be feeling this way in 6 months, choose 6 months of progress instead.


Remember nothing changes if nothing changes.


6-Month Transformational Career Confidence Building Programme.


Everything you need is included:​


  • Strategy Session: An intensive and solution-focussed session to uncover what’s been hindering your progress and create a robust plan to ensure you elevate your confidence and minimize self-doubt.


  • Coaching & Mentoring Sessions: This is your safe non-judgmental space to work through each of the components of your plan and overcome any hurdles, ensuring that you take action and move further, faster.


  • Online Portal: Instant access to your course portal to access all the transformative video trainings, tailored powerful personal development activities, resources, exercises, tools and templates to accelerate your learning and fast-track your progress-24/7.


  • Complete Support: Feel fully supported throughout the programme, with access to me between sessions for encouragement, accountability, problem-solving and to share wins. I will be by your side every step of the way.


Total Investment of £2400 Single Payment or contact me to discuss payment options. 


Helen B

When I first reached out to Leanne, I was in a situation where I wasn’t working in line with my values, my motivation and self confidence were at an all time low and I was stuck in a negative mindset loop that I just couldn’t break. Whereas previously, I'd always been able to rely on myself to get out of a situation that wasn’t serving me, I just couldn’t do it this time for lots of reasons.


Right from the off, Leanne set me at ease. I felt safe, not judged and not pressured - things could go at a pace I was comfortable with. Leanne is an incredibly compassionate and emotionally intelligent coach, with just the right level of checking in and holding me accountable - she knew how much I had on my plate. Her positive, cheerleading voice notes were like an injection of sunshine on a dark day. Things happened very quickly and not quite how I thought they’d turn out and Leanne was adaptable and flexible to my ever changing circumstances.


Reflecting back on how I felt at the beginning of the year to the place I’m in now, it’s been quite a journey and I know I can say with confidence that I’ve got my mojo back. I also know that for the inevitable bumps in the road, I have a trusted coach I can lean on and a set of tools to keep things like imposter syndrome at bay! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Leanne, it’s the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.


Leanne is an outstanding coach. She has helped me build lifelong valuable knowledge and helped me put it towards practical experience within my workplace and personal life.

She has enabled me to recognise my wrongdoings and made me proud to take accountability; choosing love over fear to lead my thoughts and actions.

She has taught me skills that have helped me build a compelling future path for myself; balancing both self-acceptance and self-improvement to not only reach my destination but to enjoy myself more along the journey.

Leanne is a credit to her craft and her services have well surpassed my expectations.

My experience with 1:1 coaching with her has been life-changing and I’m much more fulfilled, confident and successful because of her. I can’t thank her enough.

What to Expect

You will have direct access to me via messenger/ voice note and all my support and expertise in your back pocket for the whole 6 months.

I will be there for you every step of the way, cheering you on and challenging you to keep boldly moving forward towards your goal so you don’t give up this time.

This journey will be a powerful blend of coaching, mentoring, and training where I will share simple but very effective tools and strategies that will benefit you not just for the time that we are working together, but for the rest of your life. 


Hiya! I’m Leanne

I help corporate female leaders (like you) accelerate their careers by transforming self-doubt into self-confidence so they can:


STOP getting overlooked.

START getting noticed.


I understand the unique challenges that corporate female leaders face because I’ve been one!


As well as being an experienced, qualified personal performance coach, mentor and trainer who has helped hundreds of women to build confidence.


I also know:


  • Exactly how it feels to lack confidence and it hold you back professionally.


  • How self-doubt can convince you that you have to tolerate a career that doesn’t make you happy. 


  • The effect it has on you and those around you when you dread elements of your job because you don’t feel good enough.


And that’s why my clients choose me to work with, I get it.


I also know what’s possible when you learn how to overcome your confidence challenges and create and life and career that brings happiness and fulfilment.


I’m extremely proud and grateful to have helped hundreds of women achieve career success, I would love to help you too!

What do you say?

Are you ready to accelerate your career growth by transforming your self-doubt into self-confidence?

Looking for your employer to provide funding?

Are you looking for your employer to fund your place on the UNSTOPPABLE programme? Fill in the form below and get my Employer Funding PDF that you can hand to your employer summarising the benefits of the programme.

Confession time…


We're not that different, you and me.


Rewind 15 years ago and I wasn’t really enjoying my job.

Do you know what I did about it?


For 10 years I stayed stuck. Letting things get worse and worse, feeling my confidence drain away and my self-belief become almost non-existent.

I needed help, but I didn’t ask for it, instead I told myself that things would get better on their own, of course they didn’t, they got worse.

It was only when I decided to take responsibility for my life and my career and make the choice that ‘enough is enough’ that things changed for me.

I got support. I took action. I created change for myself.

That’s what I want you to do right now, decide that ‘enough is enough’.

Decide that it’s time to stop:

  • Feeling lost and invisible in your life.

  • Making excuses for staying stuck

  • Kidding yourself that things will get better on their own.

And time to start:

  • Reclaiming the parts of you that got lost along the way.

  • Taking up the space that you deserve to take up.

  • Remembering who you are and what you really want from your life.

If you decide that you don’t want to do it alone, let’s do it together.

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